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Donald Trump continues to build 2020 re-election war chest

By Dave Levinthal

Wilbur Ross to sell stocks after ethics officials sound alarm

By Carrie Levine

Michigan lawmakers go public with their finances in effort to boost state integrity

By Kristian Hernández

Wilbur Ross stock holdings rose in value during improper divestment delay

By Carrie Levine

Five years ago, the FEC’s top lawyer resigned. No permanent replacement has yet been named.

By Dave Levinthal and Suhauna Hussain

The financial disclosures for Trump's possible Supreme Court nominees

Will federal officials further regulate online political ads? Too soon to tell.

By Suhauna Hussain

Will Trump's next Supreme Court pick be another millionaire?

By Sameea Kamal

Federal officials struggle to drag political ad rules into the internet age

By Ashley Balcerzak

Democratic super PAC hits jackpot with Chinese company stock

The NBA and MLB quietly hustle for a cut of the sports betting jackpot

By Rui Kaneya

She wants to overturn ‘Citizens United,’ the decision that gave rise to super PACs. She's also supported by one

By Ashley Balcerzak

What is FARA? Understanding the Foreign Agents Registration Act

By Carrie Levine

How a sanctioned Russian bank wooed Washington

By Carrie Levine

Scam artist who ripped off Bernie Sanders supporters convicted on federal fraud charges

By Ashley Balcerzak and Lateshia Beachum

An Ohio legislator defied FirstEnergy lobbyists. Then a ‘dark money’ group helped sink her bid for Congress

By Sarah Kleiner