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Why are corporations pouring millions into shoo-in governor races?

By Sanya Mansoor, Liz Essley Whyte and Joe Yerardi

Election 2018 is awash in special interest cash

These state lawmakers are running unopposed, but still rake in campaign cash

By Sanya Mansoor, Liz Essley Whyte and Joe Yerardi

‘Dark money’ in politics is about to get lighter

By Dave Levinthal and Sarah Kleiner

Police are key to successful hate crimes convictions

By Bryce Spadafora, Connor Murphy and Brandon Bounds

Company using foreign workers botches U.S. Senate campaign finance records

By Rosie Cima

State hate crime laws vary, often leaving out LBGTQ protections

By Carley Lanich, Ashley Hopko and Justin Parham

White extremist groups are growing — and changing

By Megan Ross, Brooks Hepp and Kianna Gardner

Social media: Where voices of hate find a place to preach

By Kianna Gardner

White, male and millennial: Hate groups tap bro culture to recruit members

By Rosanna Cooney and News21 Staff

Is the U.S. government wasting millions on trips abroad?

By Tik Root and Chris Zubak-Skees

Asbestos concerns arise at the Federal Election Commission

By Dave Levinthal

Murdered and missing Native American women challenge police and courts

By Garet Bleir, Anya Zoledziowski and News21 Staff

Bias-response teams criticized for sanitizing campuses of dissent

By Jasmine Putney, Shelby Knowles and News21 Staff

Lack of trust in law enforcement hinders reporting of LBGTQ crimes

By Emma Keith , Katie Gagliano and News21 Staff

‘Dark money’ boosts Democratic super PAC that’s battling ‘corrupt campaign finance system’

By Lateshia Beachum