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As disease-bearing ticks head north, weak government response threatens public health

By Kristen Lombardi and Fatima Bhojani

Scott Pruitt is out, but the direction of the EPA isn't likely to change

Have you encountered tick- or mosquito-borne diseases? We want to hear from you

Lowe's says it will stop selling deadly paint removers

By Jamie Smith Hopkins

What Scott Pruitt’s been doing while you weren’t looking

By Rachel Leven and Fatima Bhojani

Reversing course, the EPA will regulate a deadly paint stripper

By Jamie Smith Hopkins

Eight years after Deepwater Horizon, is another disaster waiting to happen?

By Jie Jenny Zou

Center for Public Integrity sues EPA over public-records delays

EPA's move to weaken fuel-efficiency rule is the gift automakers asked for

By Fatima Bhojani

Members of Congress to EPA: Act now on deadly chemical

By Jamie Smith Hopkins

The EPA planned to ban a deadly paint-stripping chemical. Will it follow through?

By Jamie Smith Hopkins

For the EPA, ‘reform’ means giving industry what it wants

By Rachel Leven

Most of the EPA's pollution estimates are unreliable. So why is everyone still using them?

By Rachel Leven

The United States of Petroleum: Government’s secret alliance with Big Oil

By Jie Jenny Zou

Sunshine State lags on solar power, doubles down on natural gas

By Jamie Smith Hopkins and Kristen Lombardi

New York’s heralded fracking ban isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

By Kristen Lombardi