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Facing crackdown, credit raters bring on heavy hitters

By Ben Protess

Why Fannie and Freddie continue to cost taxpayers billions

By Ben Protess

Goldman Sachs publicly backs financial reform — while dispatching army of lobbyists

By Adele Hampton

In details of Dodd bill, some loopholes and unanswered questions

By Keith Epstein, Ben Protess and David Heath

Profiting from recession, payday lenders spend big to fight regulation

By Keith Epstein

Consumer complaints soar on mortgage 'rescue' schemes

By Ben Protess and Lagan Sebert

FHA and Ginnie Mae punish troubled New York lender cited by Center probe

By Brian Grow

FDIC Chief got Bank of America loans while working on its rescue

By Keith Epstein and David Heath

FDIC statement regarding Sheila Bair's dealings with Bank of America

What's still hidden in AIG's files?

By Ben Protess

At top subprime mortgage lender, policies Were invitation to fraud

By David Heath

A guide to financial regulatory reform proposals

Barney Frank vs. the credit raters

By Ben Protess

How one bank failure illustrates lapses by regulators

By Keith Epstein

Financial reform moves forward, with many loopholes

By Rachel Leven and Maria Zilberman

Ginnie Mae's troubling endorsements

By Brian Grow and Zachary Goldfarb